Heather Wilson



Heather Wilson is an New Zealand artist, whose current collection features large-format equine portraits. Heather’s preferred medium for these paintings is acrylic on canvas, and she enjoys experimenting with abstract composition, bold colours and metallic paint.

Heather’s  work continues on her family legacy, as a fourth generation artist. Her love of art developed at a young age, and she went on to have her first exhibition in Whangamata in the early 1990’s, where she specialised in seascapes in both watercolour and oil.

She is the mother of the Wilson sisters; three of New Zealand’s most renowned equestrians and the stars of the hit-rated television show Keeping Up With the Kaimanawas. Her latest collection was inspired by her daughter’s work with wild horses around the world, and aims to lay tribute to the breath-taking creatures that she has loved since childhood.

Mane Motion


Framed in Gold




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