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Welcome to Our Story. Both Bev and Hegman’s roots reach back into European soil. Bev immigrated from England back in the 70s while Hegman, although born in New Zealand, has mixed English and Croatian heritage. Since the early 1930s, the Croatian side of Hegman’s family has been involved in wine making and grape growing in New Zealand. He is now the fourth generation.

Our Story starts with the purchase of land in Takatu Road back in 2002. This wonderful property with its spectacular views out to Little Barrier Island quickly became our labour of love. For the first 18 months we prepared the land to plant our vineyard.

As we planted and cultivated, so did we learn. Neither of us had any experience of how to grow grapes and make wine, but the quality of the wine that comes out of Omaha Bay Vineyard today is testament to how thoroughly and expertly we acquired the necessary skills and know-how.

Once the vines were established, everything came together quickly. The first vintage was harvested in 2006, the winery built in 2007, and Omaha Bay Vineyard opened for business in May 2008.

In 2011, Omaha Bay Vineyards 2009 Pinot Gris was awarded a gold medal. In 2014 the winery and tasting room were relocated into the wine cave, and  in 2020, Bev extended the Art Gallery to include a diversity of New Zealand artists. The year 2021 will see Omaha Bay Vineyard’s 16th vintage.

We can’t wait to add more chapters to our story and take you on the journey with us.

4 generations of winemaking tradition

Refined Taste

Fine wine and fine art go hand-in-hand at Omaha Bay Vineyard. From its simple inception in 2008, our Art Gallery has grown and now adorns the walls of our atmospheric wine cellar. Strategically hung mood lighting conjures an intimacy that creates a personal bond between viewer and artwork. All pieces, some of which have been specially created to hang in our wine cave gallery, are sourced from the work of New Zealand artists, many of whom are local. And, just like our fine wine, you can also take our fine art home with you.



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