Terry Prince

Terry Prince is an artist based in Matakana, NZ. Terry works in acrylic on canvas creating landscape pieces that talk to the unique environment of the west coast. His subject matter stems from growing up and living in these very landscapes. As a young child Terry explored Huia and as he became old enough to roam, the big surf beaches of the west coast drew him in. He finds the grand scale, shapes and endless colour shifts of these places fascinating and derives great joy in trying to capture them and the atmosphere they evoke in his paintings.

Working in acrylic the artist builds the scene using dry brushing techniques- whereby the paint is applied with a misty quality with just the ends of the brush or with a fine roller. The artist finds this a suitable technique for capturing the sense of a windswept beach scene that is ephemeral and always changing. 

Prince’s compositions are quiet and considered and invite the viewer to inhabit them. Often small human elements are situated in his environments, belittled by the landscapes around them they come to reference the sheer awe inspiring scale and beauty of nature. His paintings often give predominance given to the sky which is portrayed as alive- full of energy and movement. His pieces with soaring birds offer an uplifting quality and a spiritual sensibility. 

As the artist describes: “My paintings are of the place I call home… my heart sings when I see the familiar landforms, patterns and colours. It is my spiritual terrain.”- Terry Prince

Prince leaves a white frame around his painted image, this has become a signature to his works and allows a breathing room to the piece, a sense of rest and calm giving the viewer space to contemplate the scene.

Prince’s work can be found in private collections and galleries in New Zealand, New Caledonia, France, the UK and Canada.

*Please Note: The artwork displayed on this page is an example of this artists portfolio in the OBV Gallery.

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